Real Connections SoFla is excited to announce a Wellness Series starting on September 25th.

Taking place open air at Swinton Community Growing Project, the sessions are divided in:

- Embodiment Yoga classes. Come and connect to your inner workings so that your outer world can blossom and flourish.
No experience is necessary. We invite you to come with a curious mind, open heart, yoga mat, water and a small towel.

- Vinyasa flow classes. EveryOne, everyBody is welcome. Bring a yoga mat, towel + reusable water bottle.

-Hatha Yoga classes: practiced at a slower pace, with a focus on the breath, controlled movements, and stretching.

- Buteyko Breathing Method classes. Nature is in us, around us, and is connected to us by our very breath. Let’s learn the benefits of nasal breathing outside in the garden.

Please visit our website to register and know more about the dates available.

Saturday, September 25, 2021 to Saturday, December 18, 2021