The Attila Konnyu studio is located in Artists Alley.

ATTILA KONNYU (b. 1963) is a painter following in the steps of New or Contemporary Informel. He was born in Budapest where he studied architecture at Ybl Miklos University and worked with Hungarian Television (MTV and MAFILM Budapest). His early fascination with the art of Abstract Expressionists brought him to the School of Art of Miklos Kolozsvari Grandpierre. Upon his meeting with the Tachisme (derived from the French word tache, stain) artists he held in high regard, Karel Appel (CoBrA group) and Emil Schumacher, Konnyu departed on his journey of new gestural painting with a sometime calligraphic aspect as a way of his self-expression.

Konnyu developed his international reputation by travelling throughout Europe and America, where his work has been exhibited in a number of galleries. His works are part of permanent collection of Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest. He resides in Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

358 NE 4th Street
Delray Beach, FL 33444