Michelle S. Drummond aka DrumStrings established DStrings, LLC as an art business in 2003 in Bethesda, Maryland. DStrings was recently relocated to the Delray Beach area at the Arts Warehouse as a Popup Store concept where Michelle currently works and exhibits her original artwork, as well as derivatives of her work. These derivatives include framed prints fro purchase and rental, embroidered polo shirts and digitally printed T-shirts of her original artwork.

DrumStrings artwork exudes the true expression of life and exuberance of a woman from the islands. Originally from Jamaica, DrumStrings came to the U.S. to pursue an undergraduate education at St. Lawrence University in Upstate, New York.

While pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mathematics at St. Lawrence, she decided to explore fine arts as a creative outlet. After dabbling in the different offerings of fine arts, DrumStrings discovered that manipulating multicolored strings using glue and acrylic paint on canvas was a different and exciting take on expressing her creativity.

Her work has evolved over the years into creative expressions that exude a mélange of her experiences living here in the United States and the exuberance of the Jamaican culture she grew up in. She creates artwork that is thought provoking, leaving viewers to their own interpretation.

Michelle Drummond
Arts Warehouse
313 NE 3rd St Studio #9
Delray Beach, FL 33444
Hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday
10am to 5pm