Fresh, delicious falafel is a delicacy that can't be understated, and when you're craving falafel, there's only one place in Delray Beach where you can get the very best. At Falafel Time, we are committed to delivering the most savory, flavorful falafel in the ways you love. We offer falafel in a pita or a bowl, as per tradition, but we also offer something else no one else in the area does: falafel in a burrito!

Falafel Time Delray was founded by Ricky Hen, real estate agent, and Emilia Mazig, nurse, two best friends who wanted to bring something new and exciting to Pineapple Grove. Like all the other businesses in the area, Falafel Time is woman owned, With an emphasis on you, our valued customer, we pledge to create every order fresh just for you.

If you are on a vegetarian diet, then falafel offers an amazing addition to your regimen. The flavor and aroma of falafel delights the senses of all, even if you're not on a diet and just want to try something new.If you love Mediterranean style food, then falafel is going to be right up your alley. For your convenience, we offer delivery to the nearby area. Whether you've never tried falafel before or want to see what's different about Falafel Time, we invite you to stop in today for a delicious falafel burrito, pita, or bowl. Have questions about our menu? Feel free to contact our team today.

149 NE 2nd Ave Ste B
Delray Beach, FL 33444
(561) 450-6250