The gallery, Lois Brezinski Artworks is a culmination of my life experience in the business of making and selling art.

Not long after graduation from Rhode Island School of Design, I opened my own textile studio in New Jersey and employed more than 5 freelance artists. I went on to become one of the leading textile stylist artists working with designers and printers in the industry in New York.

My evolution as a fine artist happened by chance; it began with a watercolor class on the island of Grand Cayman where I had moved in 1990. Subsequently, my love of painting blossomed and my success on the island led to an island business called Cayman Colors. That business began selling reproductions of my work on a host of products, note cards, and limited edition prints. The business still thrives today and my products are sold in all the major outlet and hotel gift shops on the island.

I have been represented by over a dozen galleries throughout the years and over twenty of my images are published by PI Fine Art in Toronto Canada. These posters are seen on the walls of hotels and lobbies from the US Embassies in the Bahamas, Trinidad, Marriott Hotels, Courtyards, and condominiums including Atlantis in the Bahamas. My commissioned work is in Marriott hotels in Orlando, Pensacola, The Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman and very recently a commissioned painting for the Breakers in Palm Beach. Additionally, Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys features my work in the resort.

A Delray Beach resident for over 12 years, my artwork was selected for the Delray Affair poster for three consecutive years. I have published calendars of “The Historic Homes of Delray Beach” 2005 and 2006, featuring original watercolors of historic homes, which sold out two years in a row.

I am a founding member of the Delray Beach Preservation Trust which is dedicated to preserving out architectural history and protecting our older neighborhoods.” Being able to open a gallery on a street recognized by the National Register of Historic Places is a prefect fit with my love of keeping the past intact.

To those that know me, have followed my career and purchased my work, this gallery on Clematis Street is a natural progression for me as it offers a chance to showcase my work, sell my work and develop my passion for the arts. This is a chance to run the gallery side of the business that up to now I’ve let others do for me. I’ve had lots of training for this business and I’ve observed first hand what works and what doesn’t. I look forward to this challenge.
Lois Brezinski
533 E. Atlantic Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33483