Dr. Lynn Migdal graduated New York Chiropractic College in 1981. She has 28, successful years of experience helping patients to reach their Highest Health Potential and Life Goals. She prides herself on being a very Truthful and Sincere Loving Doctor of Chiropractic. One of her main missions is to educate as many people as she can on the Truths about Natural Healing. She is an exciting and informative public speaker and loves to spread the amazing word of how we can all Wake up the Sleeping Doctor Deep Within and Heal Ourselves. Her favorite topics include but are not limited to, Spinal Fitness 101, Natural Stress Solutions, Creative Health and Wellness, Visualization Techniques, and Creating Healthy Generations through Natural Pre and Post Natal Chiropractic Care!

Dr. Lynn Migdal is also a Holistic Healer and an Energy Intuitive. Her talents include the ability to read a persons energy and find out what foods/nutrition and or emotions/thoughts might be in the way of ones healing process. She is also a Sacral-Cranial-Spinal Breath Master and is able to use ones breath and a very light healing touch to clear ones energy blockages which can promote harmony to the mind, body, soul and spirit.

Many people prefer to have a doctor work on only the physical level. Doctor Lynn respects the wishes of her patients. At the Migdal Chiropractic and Family Wellness Center one can choose what type of care they prefer. Physical Healing as well as Holistic care is ones choice.

Many different Healing Techniques can be explored at the Center. Classic Chiropractic, Modern Gentle (non twist) Chiropractic, Preventative, and Wellness Care are some of the traditional methods available.

If one is looking for the Non Traditional Healing Path, Dr. Lynn is also a Reiki Master, A Rebirther, and a Spinal Forgiveness Dancing Breath Master.
Your Healing Path is your Choice, and is respected at the Migdal Chiropractic and Family Wellness Center.

She hopes you enjoy her website and that you learn as much as you can about natural healing. She hopes that you choose natural health care for yourself and your family and that you find peace and love in your mind, body, soul and spirit.

She strongly believes that if a person is still alive and breathing, and owns a spine and nervous system, higher states of health are always possible! She also teaches the dynamics of Manifesting ones Dreams through Creative Thought and Visualization. She hopes that one day she will have the honor of your presence at one of her dynamic Natural Healing Complementary Classes that are given at her Center.

Dr. Lynn Migdal
74 N.E. 4th Avenue #1
Delray Beach, FL 33483