Command your demand.

Go ahead and grow your enterprise, because SEP Communications is here to help you manage your marketing assets around the world.

We fulfill essential logistics needs for companies of all sizes, offering brand management and web-based print-on-demand services, as well as shipping and fulfillment, lead tracking and analytics, graphic design, and…well, just about everything you can think of.

Better still, you don’t even have to think about it. SEP Communications is so adept at serving our clients that we’re able to help guide you through pretty much every challenge you face while anticipating the needs before they arrive. We know business. Ours and yours.

Easy as SEP

Imagine if you had a single source to turn to for all of the important things that need to get done.

What if you could share it across your enterprise, from one far-flung corner to another? What if it were intuitive, and simple?

That’s SEP. We operate as your partner, seamlessly fulfilling your company’s marketing supply chain demands in a complete and unified way that allows you to perform cohesively, no matter how diverse your enterprise may be.

Whatever your need. Whatever your channel. SEP does it.
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The only thing better than being at the beach with friends is being at the beach with waterproof speakers to enjoy your favorite music. Your clients would love this too. Send them accessories for the beach and they will remember you during the chilly days of winter #promotionalproduct #promotionalmarketing #gifts

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The beach can be experienced in many ways. It can be a party with dance music, colorful beach umbrellas and tropical frozen drinks in coozies or it can be a place to read, rest and rejuvenate. Either way, what you bring to the beach can make or break a day in the sun. Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, beach towels and chairs are a must. However, to really get the party started waterproof bluetooth speakers, coolers with built-in blenders and wine flasks will certainly take your beach day up a notch. Even better, give these items to your clients as gifts so they remember you while they are having an amazing time by the sea. #incentives #corporateevents #meetings #promotionalproduct

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Create a spark long after Independence day! Now is the perfect time to spark ideas for holiday gift giving. Sure, it's is hard to think about the holidays during the long hot days of summer, but you certainly won't sweat this December when you have everything organized, ordered and ready to ship. #holidays #clientrelations #clientgifts #promotionalproducts

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Get your game on! Sports contribute to your overall wellbeing. Here are 16 things to think. 1. Diabetes Control 2. Lower Hypertension 3. Blood Circulation 4. Stronger Bones #sports #health #teamsports #healthcare

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Summer is the perfect time to get out of the office. Business relationships can be nurtured to a higher level on the golf course or by attending any sport event with your clients. #corporateevents #businessrelationships #clients #incentives #golfcourse #meetings

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Promotional product tip: Have fun! Having a laugh is something everyone can relate to and appreciate. Check out these crazy golf ball glasses sure to make your customer smile. #incentives #events #tip #customer #laugh

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For golfing this summer, having the right tool at the right time can make a huge difference on the green. Having that same all purpose golf tool at the ready to hand out with your company name on it can make an even bigger difference off the green. #golf #golfing #golfday #golfers

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Summer travel is always better with a golf game packed in the game plan. If you know your clients agree, send them a golf bag cover and they will be remembering you well past their return home. #golf #promotionalproducts #golfing

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Promotional Product Tip: Brighten up your client’s day and night with LED golf balls. #golfing #promotionalgifts #golfb #golfballs

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Check out what Serena does off the court! "At Serena Ventures, she focuses on companies founded by women and minorities. Yes, there’s a social purpose to that decision. But as with her tennis upbringing, she’s also finding opportunity by avoiding the herd. Just 2.3% of the total venture capital invested last year in the U.S. went to women-led startups—and even when including firms with both a male and female founder, you’re just at 10%... #womeninbusiness #womenownedbusiness #womenbusinessowners

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Marketing tip: Know the power of video. In the US, 85% of all internet users watch videos on all of their electronic devices on a consistent basis. #video #videomarketing #promotionalproducts

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SEP Communications is excited to announce that we will be providing Raymond James our Storefront Suite Solution for Branded Promotional Products and Curated Gifts. Check out this video, featuring some of our happy clients, which captures our devotion to delivering spectacular products that enhance brand recognition. You can also visit to check out stunning items that keep your brand on point. If you need ideas, call us! We would love to help you every step of the way!

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