Through our belief that learning should be fun, hands-on and student-driven, SOM empowers students to find happiness and success through :

character building
cognitive development
conflict resolution
coping skills
critical thinking

we are for students!

We are for students who are still learning to love learning and sometimes still learning to love themselves. Who prefer hands-on experiences, a flexible and creative approach and want to have a say in how they learn. Who want independence and are developing the self-awareness and skills to get there. Who have busy brains, creative spirits and unique perspectives. Who want to wake up every day and be themselves.

we are for families!

We are a place where family members feel safe, loved and celebrated as they grow individually and together. Families who want to learn to struggle less by spending more quality time together. Who want to set realistic expectations and accept one another, communicate better and laugh more than cry when life gets stressful. We are truly a family of families. Each of our stories are different, but our goals are the same: to share peace, love and happiness in our home.

we are for professionals!

We are for educators, coaches, business professionals, creative artists, caretakers and medical/therapy providers who are always looking for resources and alternatives to help our students, clients and contacts find ‘space of mind’ and achieve success. It truly takes a village to raise a child, so the more we collaborate and share ideas, resources and observations, the easier and more engaging everyone’s efforts become.
Ali Kaufman
102 N. Swinton Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33444

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X is the spot you’ve gotta find in #Algebra with Coach Pierce! Our students receive the one-on-one attention they need to succeed in our #math classes.

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We are one week away from the #HauntedHouse! Our students have been hard at work with our Art Coach, Tara Smith Heal, decorating the schoolhouse and preparing the set for Friday, October 20th. Music Coach, Hunter Isbell, is behind the music production that is sure to make your heart jump. Join us next Friday at 5:30pm at the Delray Beach Historical Society for a spooooooky time!

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The SOM students are prepping for their historically themed haunted house at the 4th Annual Halloween Fall Fest hosted by the Historical Society and Space of Mind on Friday, October 20th!

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#AweSOMeWednesday at the #Schoolhouse today! Day one of #ScubaDiving, some catch and release #fishing, #cooking with #Chef Neil and #Coach Taylor, and of course wild times at @oldschoolsquaredelray during #fitness class. We take an #academic break every Wednesday and immerse our #students in #athletics and #outdoor activities.

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Look's who's making news?!

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Our aweSOMe kids created their first episode of WSOM this week!!! WSOM is a student run news show that covers current events and all of the awesome activities that we do around the schoolhouse. Comment on this post and we will review your responses as a segment for the next episode!!! #WSOM #WSOMsports #WSOMnews #cookingshow #studentnews #justinsworldfact #weatherwithwilliam

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Coach Rachel's High School chemistry class is looking pretty #Halloween ready working on their #TieDyeChemistry project! 🎃 #SpaceOfMind will take over the Delray Beach Historical Society October 20th for #HalloweenFallFest 👻

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The Anti-Defemation League (ADL) provides perspective to guide conversation with your student (child) in the aftermath of hate.

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We offer #AmericanSignLanguage #ASL at the #schoolhouse. This group is reviewing the basics-- the alphabet and numbers. 📚 Alison Collman is the American Sign Language Coach. Learn more about her on! *Contact to learn more about our programming*

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Beautiful sunset as captured by our WeatherSTEM camera here at Space of Mind! This must be for our aweSOMe parents that are here for parent night tonight 😊 Want to see more from our WeatherSTEM station? Check out our custom online weather center:

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Tonight is SOM Parent Night at 7pm. We'll meet at the schoolhouse on Swinton. Call the office with any questions. We look forward to seeing you!

Understanding #culture through #language is a high school level #literature class that pushes students to think about the context of #language & culture. Sophia, Megan, Dante and Zach will immerse in #Nigerian culture through the eyes of Chinua Achebe's #ThingsFallApart.

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