“It’s a struggle, finding the right moment when the painting is finished. Each painting is a story of the struggle of what you had to go through to get there. This is why I paint. Because it’s hard to put into words things that are visual and full of emotion.”

– T. Fattovich

Tommaso Fattovich is an abstract painter who deploys the Surrealist strategy of automatism to create raw, layered, emotive works that convey feelings of desolation and decay.

Fattovich is motivated by a deep inner need to express energy and spontaneity. The imagery in his work is a reflection of what he calls “destroyed surreal environments.” The rust and rabble of the decaying urban environment, both in his hometown of Milan and his adopted home in Florida, finds its way into his compositions. Fragments of the modern world seem to appear and then disappear in the work. The key to his inspiration, he says, is the search for a sensory response to life, which will result in an emotional connection that can be “continually redefined by the viewer.”

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