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Downtown Delray Beach has become a growing source of pride for the city and its citizens, with millions invested in public and private development over the past 25 years, resulting in a revitalization that inspires people to live, work and play in the urban core every day. Known as Delray Beach’s living room because of its community spirit and central location, people gather to enjoy the comfortable urban neighborhood setting that only downtown provides. For those who reside in one of the distinctive apartments or homes, the downtown is not only their living room, but also their dining room, kitchen and backyard as well!

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111 First Delray

Under construction. Ground breaking ceremony was held on November 2, 2017.
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Aloft Hotel

Concrete has been poured on the construction site. Construction Ground Breaking Ceremony will be held on Thursday, October 19.
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Project under construction.

4th & 5th DELRAY (I-PIC)

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Project approved. Project has not broken ground.
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Monday, November 24, 2014 - 1:53am

City of Delray Beach

Project overview: This project was developed by the City of Delray Beach for the purpose of beautification of the Federal Highway pairs from just south of 10th Street, and just north of George Bush Blvd. (NE 8th Street), a well as reducing accidents and ensuring compliance with posted speeds along the corridor. Total length of the project is 2.4 miles. New sidewalks will be widened on both sides of the streets and decorative lighting will be installed from NE 2nd Street to SE 2nd Street, as well as the addition of landscaping nodes and bike lanes. The balance will include resurfacing, drainage modifications and new traffic signal loops at all intersections

Project time line is 790 days - current completion date is Summer - 2015

As of NOVEMBER 24, 2014:

Lane Closures:

NE / SE 5th Avenue:

Lane closure SE 3rd Street to NE 8th Street (side streets will be detoured as this work progresses).
NE / SE 6th Avenue:

Lane closure SE 10th Street to SE 3rd Street (side streets will be detoured as this work progresses)


Sidewalk brick installation will continue along SE 5th Avenue from SE 2nd Street to Atlantic Avenue on the east side, then work will continue to NE 2nd Street.

Electrical/ signal conduit, light poles / paver installation SE 2nd Street to NE 2nd Street on 6th Avenue.

Irrigation sleeves installed on 6th Avenue from NE 6th Street to NE 8th Street; an SE 10th Street o SE 4thStreet.

Planting mix well be placed in landscaping nodes on 5th Avenue from NE 2nd Street to NE 8th Street

NO PARKING is allowed behind the barrels AT ANY TIME on Federal Highway - cars will be towed or ticketed within this work zone. This means both employees and customers.

Signage will be provided indicating that "local businesses are open during construction". Pedestrian safety walking signs will also be posted within the construction area. Periodic lane closures will occur during this time.

No construction work will occur on weekends or City Holidays without prior written notice and approval from City Engineering Department. Work hours are Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 6:00 pm.

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