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Delray Beach's art scene is truly a feast for the eyes! Collectors and connoisseurs have stunning choices in media ranging from oil paintings and original sculpture to vintage poster art and dramatic Native American works. Gallery visitors often meet the artists, whose visits are not restricted to special shows. Audiences enjoy the theater year-round, at several venues. Stage shows, musical performances, dance presentations, comedy routines and more are presented indoors and outside. Equally popular are the museums, focusing on the city's natural outdoor beauty.

  • Art Walk Commitment Form
    Art Walk Commitment Form Art Walk Commitment Form

    Art Walk Revitalization Project: 4/13/16 Meeting Minutes
    Art Walk Revitalization Project: 4/13/16 Meeting Minutes Art Walk Revitalization Project: 4/13/16 Meeting Minutes

    First Friday Art Walk Brochure and Map
    First Friday Art Walk Brochure and Map download

    Art Walk in Downtown Delray
    First Friday of Every Month
    Stroll throughout downtown Delray Beach and a special night featuring special artist showings, jewelry, entertainment, receptions and more at over 14 Fine Art Galleries in Pineapple Grove District and along Atlantic Ave. Find that unique gift for the Bride and Groom!

    Participating Galleries and locations:

    Pineapple Grove:

    Addison Gallery
    Gallery at Studio 5
    Delray Art and Framing
    Ford Fine Art

    Artist Alley Studios:

    Cacace Fine Art, Inc.
    Laszlo's Painting Studio
    Cloud House Pottery
    Amanda Johnson
    Ona Steele Studio
    Stacy Balmuth
    Magnus & Gordon Gallery
    Diane Carter
    4th Avenue Photography & Video
    Jane Strisik Studio
    Jan Murphy Studio
    Jeff Whyman Studio
    Sheila Wolff Gallery
    Lorrie B. Turner
    Walker Romaine Gallery

    East Atlantic Avenue:

    Avalon Gallery
    Artworks by Lois Brezinski
    Black Pearl Fine Art
    Boca Museum of Art
    Cornell Art Museum at Old School Square
    DeBilzan Gallery
    Extreme Art International
    Lidia Tohar Studio 101
    Sundook Fine Art Gallery
    The Blue Gallery

    If you are a Downtown Art Gallery Owner, interested in participating in our First Friday Art Walk, please fill out our commitment form. 

    For addresses visit the Art and Gallery page or call 561-243-1077

  • Delray Beach Gallery & Art District

    Delray Beach, Florida boasts a vibrant, bustling art scene in its trendy downtown with almost 30 galleries and entertainment centers clustered among boutiques, nightclubs and many of Florida’s best restaurants throughout the entire downtown. 

  • Art Galleries

  • Addison Gallery
    located in Pineapple Grove

    (561) 278-5700 
    206 NE 2nd Ave

    "Addison Gallery prides itself on providing a selection of contemporary art with new exhibitions opening each month. With a special interest in abstraction, the gallery features thoughtful, innovative, and compelling works from leading contemporary artists."

  • Art House of Delray

    (561) 859-0856
    255 NE 6th Ave.

  • Avalon Gallery

    (561) 272-9155    
    425 E Atlantic Avenue

  • Black Pearl Fine Art

    Gallery & framing services available!

    514 E Atlantic Avenue

    (561) 501-7777

  • Blue Gallery    

    (561) 265-0020    
    600 E. Atlantic Avenue

    Mixing sophisticated flare with contemporary art, Blue Gallery is a gathering place where art collectors and enthusiasts can embrace the energy and panache of Delray's Atlantic Avenue. The alluring 3,500-square-foot open loft-style gallery features landscapes, abstracts, semi-realistic, and figurative styles by eight internationally acclaimed contemporary artists and sculptors. Artworks that demonstrate unusual textures, colors and creative dimensions are unique from most works found in the art world.

  • Boca Raton Museum of Art
    Artists' Guild Gallery

    (561) 278-7877
    512 E Atlantic Avenue

  • Camilucci Signs

    Camilucci Signs
    located in Pineapple Grove

    (561) 272-5137
    350 NE 4th St 

  • DeBilzan Gallery  

    (561) 266-2090   
    38 E Atlantic Avenue

  • Delray Art &
    Framing Center

    (561) 278-0746    
    151 NE 2nd Ave

  • Delray Art League 

    (561) 843-2311
    100 NW 1st Ave

  • Delray Beach
    Center For The Arts

    (561) 243-7922 
    51 N. Swinton Avenue

    Delray Beach Center for the Arts offers “a total arts experience™” through events, theater, exhibits and learning opportunities. The historic campus includes the intimate Crest Theatre (in the restored 1925 Delray High School building) the Cornell Museum of Art (in the 1913 Delray Elementary building), and the Vintage Gymnasium (c. 1925). The Pavilion, which opened in 2002, hosts outdoor concerts and festivals. The School of Creative Arts (located on the second floor of the Crest Theatre) offers art, photography and writing classes and workshops. The Center also serves as a venue for community, corporate, private and media events.

  • Extreme Art International

    Extreme Art International

    (561) 278-1939
    516 E Atlantic Ave


  • Steve Nash

    Emily Grieco

    First Avenue Art
    Studio & Gallery

    (561) 716-5686
    342 NE 1st Ave

  • Ford Fine Art

    (561) 900-7167
    235 NE 4th Avenue Ste 101

  • Kevro Art Bar

    166 SE 2nd Avenue
    (561) 278-9675

    Urban Arts Oasis. Artist-Owned Liquor Lounge Art Space & Media Studio. Not so out of the way but WAY out of the ordinary.

  • Lidia Tohar
    Studio 101

    Lidia Tohar Studio 101

    (561) 330-9540
    12 SE 1st Ave, Studio 101

  • Lois Brezinski

    Lois Brezinski Artworks

    533 E Atlantic Ave

  • Arts Garage
    located in Pineapple Grove

    (561) 450-6357
    108 NE 1st Street

    Arts Garage is a multi-disciplinary cultural hub for musicians, performers, film presenters, visual artists, and arts educators. Arts Garage features internationally renowned artists and icons in the making in its intimate 150 seat venue.
    Arts Garage collaborates with emerging artists and cultural innovators to facilitate an exchange of art and ideas and to present cutting-edge, interdisciplinary performances and exhibitions.

    "One of the most progressive and ambitious art undertakings to come to Palm Beach County in years"

  • Studio 5
    located in Pineapple Grove

    (561) 450-7908
    149 NE 2nd Avenue

  • Sundook Gallery

    524 E. Atlantic Ave


  • The Arts Arena Gallery   

    (561) 860-7222    
    777 E Atlantic Avenue, Ste. B3

  • Varga Sculpturing Studio

    Varga Sculpturing Studio

    (561) 278-7549
    296 NE 6th Avenue

  • Vino Van Gogh

    (561) 272-5272
    155 NE 4th Ave

    Looking for something fun and different to do?? This new business in Downtown Delray Beach offers step by step painting instructions including all the materials and the best part they offer beer or wine while you paint!

    $5 Off any Class during the month of January. Call today!


  • Art Studios

  • 4th Avenue Photography
    located in Pineapple Grove

    (561) 819-4561
    343 NE 3rd Avenue / Artists Alley

  • A. Funk Studio
    located in Pineapple Grove

     (718) 312-2304
    358 NE 4th St / Artists Alley

  • Amanda Johnson Studio
    located in Pineapple Grove

    (443) 823-5057
    337 NE 3rd Ave / Artists Alley

  • AR Gallery
    located in Pineapple Grove

    (561) 289-4542
    340-D NE 4 St / Artists Alley

  • Vincent Cacace

    Cacace Fine Art
    located in Pineapple Grove

    (561) 276-1177    
    354 NE 4th St. / Artist Alley

    Beautiful new location in the emerging Artist Alley. Large tropical canvasses fill this two bay warehouse. Artist/owner, Vincent Cacace has his working studio in the front room. The artist has been selling his impressionist paintings for over 20 years. Come see the substantial selection of oil paintings and early 20th century woodblock prints. 

  • Cloud House Pottery

    (561) 862-9222 
    354 NE 4th St. # A / Artists Alley

  • Daniel Zimmerman 

    Daniel Zimmerman 
    located in Pineapple Grove

    354 NE 4th / Artists Alley

  • Diane Carter Photography

    Diane Carter Photography

    337 NE 3rd Ave / Artists Alley

  • Ellen Starr Levinson

    Ellen Starr Levinson
    located in Pineapple Grove

    (928) 202-9999
    354 NE 4th Street / Artists Alley

  • James Knill

    James Knill Studio
    located in Pineapple Grove

    (561) 674-1927
    358 NE 4th St / Artists Alley

  • James P. Kerr

    James P. Kerr
    located in Pineapple Grove

    (561) 276-1177
    354 NE 4th Street / Artists Alley
    work showcased on:

  • Jane Strisk

    Jane Strisk
    located in Pineapple Grove

    (646) 528-9806
    336 NE 3rd Ave / Artists Alley

  • Janet Murphy

    Janet Murphy

    (267) 315-1182
    337 NE 3rd Ave / Artists Alley


  • Jeff Whyman

    Jeff Whyman Art Studio

    (561) 322-8867
    314 NE 3rd Ave / Artists Alley

  • Joni Sarah White

    Joni Sarah White
    located in Pineapple Grove

    (315) 842-0411
    354 NE 4th St / Artists Alley

  • Laszlo Janoska

    Laszlo's Painting Studio
    located in Pineapple Grove

    (561) 330-2203
    354 NE 4th St / Artists Alley

    handcrafted European wall finishes

  • Linda White Gallery

    Linda White Gallery
    located in Pineapple Grove

    (561) 330-4712
    354 NE 4th St / Artists Alley

  • Madeline Gallo

    Madeline Gallo

    337 NE 3rd Ave / Artists Alley

  • Magnus & Gordon Gallery

    (703) 477-4792
    340 NE 4th St / Artists Alley

  • Ona Steele

    Ona Steele Studio
    located in Pineapple Grove

    (561) 901-2350
    354 NE 4th St / Artists Alley

  •  Pat Kaufman

    Pat Kaufman Art
    located in Pineapple Grove

    (561) 271-0128
    354 NE 4th St / Artists Alley

  • Robin Brisker

    Robin Brisker

    (561) 330-4712
    354 NE 4th St / Artists Alley

  • Schmidt Stained Glass
    located in Pineapple Grove

    (561) 400-8841
    354 NE 4th St / Artists Alley

  • Steve Blackwood

    Steve Blackwood Studio
    located in Pineapple Grove

    354 NE 4th St / Artists Alley
    work is showcased on:

  • Studio Romaine

    Studio Romaine

    (843) 693-0468
    341 NE 3rd St / Artists Alley

  • The House of Perna
    located in Pineapple Grove

    (954) 448-4134
    350 NE 4th St / Artists Alley

  • Vladimir Prodanovich

    VP Studio
    located in Pineapple Grove

    (305) 304-2120
    350 NE 4th St / Artists Alley