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According to Forrester Research, more than $1 trillion changed hands in the U.S. alone last year in online B2B ecommerce. All those deals started with marketing … and copywriters were involved in the creation of that marketing.

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Conferences can still be powerful tools for you, even if you don’t step foot in the event room. Here are four ways you can make a conference work for you without attending.

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Business-to-Business is a vast market. And today, what I’m seeing in the B2B world is companies willing to pay top dollar for good copywriters who can do a great job on the following types of projects:

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Living the writer's life for me is a home office, good money, and a flexible schedule. And writing for B2B companies makes that dream a reality for me.

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Referrals are great, but getting them can be unpredictable. You’re reliant on other people to spread the word about you and connect you with others who need and want the solution you provide.

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First, companies had to come to grips with creating their first websites. Then their first blog. Then their first social media accounts. Suddenly, they needed the help of outsiders — freelancers like us.

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Most companies use a variety of these formats to get their message across to prospects and secure leads and sales. They’ll often combine several of these “niches” into one cohesive campaign.

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It’s a $335-billion industry and growing, so marketers desperately need trained web writers. But, let's look at writing for websites on a more personal level instead.

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You probably know H.P. Lovecraft from his short stories and novellas. But, there’s one other thing to know about H. P. Lovecraft: He was also a ghostwriter for a famous personality. Read on to discover who.

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Learning the craft of copywriting? "When you take that new job, above all, do this first: Listen, observe, and learn. Find an experienced mentor who can show you where and how to hit the ball." - Stanley Bergman, CEO at Henry Schein

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Writers with specialties find it easier to focus their marketing, can point to industry examples, and often command higher rates than generalists. However, there’s also evidence that supports diversifying.

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If you’re wondering where to focus your copywriting business, I urge you to consider Business-to-Business companies. In my opinion, it’s where the action is these days.

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