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Happy FRIIDAAAY!!! We hope everyone has had an awesome week!! Today's Fun Fact Question is.... Which member of the A&H Family drives our Fearless Leader, Dave, the craziest?! 🤪🤪🤪 A. Ashley B. Megan C. BigHead Mike D. All of the Above

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Happy Valentine's Day, friends!! 😍😍😍 Today's Fun Fact Question is... In which country is it the custom for only women to give Valentine's gifts??

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Good afternoon everybody! We hope everyone is staying dry! Today's Fun Fact Question is... What is the most-filmed (in TV Shows & Movies) car model ever made??

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Good morning Facebook Family! How are we all doing on this BEAUTIFUL DAY?! Today's Fun Fact Question is.... How much gasoline does it take to start an average car?

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Good Day everyone! Hope you all had a FANTASTIC weekend! Join us in today's Fun Fact Question! Which of the following was invented by a woman??.. A) Windshield Wipers B) Brake lights C) Car horn D) Heated seats

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Hello Friends!! Happy weekend! Any big plans?? Join us in today's FunFact Question!! Faulty oxygen sensors account for what percentage of all check engine light related issues??

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Happy HumpDay to ALL!! We hope everyone is having a LOVELY morning thus far! So, today's Fun Fact Question is.. In what year were airbags introduced as a safety measure??

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Hey there, everybody! How goes it on this fine Tuesday?? The FUN FACT Question of the day is... Which U.S. President owned an amphibious car that he used to drive guests into a lake, while yelling about brake failure, to scare them ??

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Good Day!! How was everyone's weekend?? We hope you all enjoyed it! Now, down to business.... Today's FUN FACT Question is... What car color is prohibited in Shanghai, China??

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GOOD MORNING & HAPPY FRIDAY! 🤪 We hope you have all had a nice week! Please join us in Today's Fun Fact Question! In what year was the world's oldest surviving car built?? BONUS QUESTION: How much did it sell for at auction? HINT: It was built in France--Powered by paper, wood and coal, it can cover 20 miles on a tank of water with a maximum speed of 38mph.

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Hello, again, Facebook Family! PLEASE take a minute to Follow us on our Twitter Page! We will follow back! Simply follow the link below! THANKS! https://twitter.com/AHAutomotive1

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Hi everyone! Did you miss us and our daily Fun Fact Questions?? We thought so!! Well, we try to give the people what they want here at A&H Automotive...so, you know what time it is! TODAY'S FUN FACT QUESTION IS.... What percentage of an average car is recyclable??

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