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              In the Make Your Own Adventure Book of Downtown            by Coastal Living, Delray Beach beckons—and your
                Delray, every twist and turn leads to a new discovery.   nextadventureisonthehorizon.Aplacewhereeachnew
                Whether you’re cruising down Atlantic Avenue in an       streetbringstheperfectamountofbeachcharm-meets
              open air golf cart, the warm South Florida breeze on       cooltown-meetsPalmBeachchic,Downtownisbustling
              your skin, or strolling through the lesser traversed side  with life, and places to explore. So pick your mode of
              streetsthatwindthroughmyriadneighborhoods,thereis          transportation and hop on for a ride. There’s a way to
              adventure to be found around every corner and behind       explore Downtown Delray Beach from every angle.
              every door.
              Downtown Delray Beach was built as a safe haven            WHAT WILL YOUR STORY BE?
              for adventurers. In 1876, The Orange Grove House of
              Refuge was built to provide a dry bed and warm meal to     See it up close & personal at
              and undeveloped coastline, a gift given to the city by
              Sarah Gleason during the same year.

         ARTS, CULTURE &            Delray Beach Public Library          BEACH, BOATING                    Lakeview Golf Course
         THEATER                    100 W Atlantic Ave.                  & WATERSPORTS                     1200 Dover Rd.

                                    (561) 266-0194                                                         (561) 498-3229
            Artists Alley           Delray Art League Shows              Delray Beach Water Sports
            354 NE 4th Avenue       Veterans Park at the                 A1A and Casuarina Road
            Working Artist Studios  Intracoastal Waterway                (561) 279-0008                    FUN FOR EVERYONE
            Arts Garage             (561) 843-2311                       Delray Yacht Cruises
            180 NE 1st St.          Delray Beach Playhouse               801 E Atlantic Ave. at the        Delray Beach Public Library
            (561) 450-6357          950 NW 9th St                        Intracoastal Waterway             100 W Atlantic Ave.
            (561) 272-1282                       (561) 243-0686                    (561) 266-0194
            Arts Warehouse          Old School Square                    Salt Fly Paddle Board Rentals     Exhilaride Golf Cart Rentals
            313 NE 3rd Street       51 N Swinton Ave.                    at the Drop in Surf Shop          Downtown Delray Beach
            (561) 276-8640          (561) 243-7922                       310 NE 4th St                     (561) 573-8287
            Cornell Art Museum at   The Fieldhouse                       (561) 865-6235                    Fred Astaire Dance Studio
            Old School Square       at Old School Square                                                   247 SE 6th Ave. Suite 4
            51 N Swinton Ave.       51 N Swinton Ave                     GOLF & TENNIS                     (561) 707-5085
            (561) 403-2956          (561) 403-2961                                                         Pedego Bikes
            Creative Arts School    The Pavilion                         Delray Beach Public
Golf Course
  777 E Atlantic Ave
            at Old School Square    at Old School Square                 2200 Highlands Ave.               (561) 501-7633
            51 N Swinton Ave.       51 N Swinton Ave.                    (561) 243-7380                    Richwagen’s Delray
            561-243-7922, ext. 478  (561) 243-7922                        Bike & Sport

            Crest Theatre                   Delray Beach Public               298 NE 6th Ave.
            at Old School Square                                         Tennis Center
                    (561) 272-2453
            51 N Swinton Ave.                                            201 W Atlantic Ave.               Putt’n Around Delray
            (561) 243-7922, ext. 1                                       (561) 243-7360                    350 NE 5th Ave.
                                                    (561) 450-6162

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