Downtown Development

There’s Only One Downtown Delray Beach!

Downtown Delray Beach has become a growing source of pride for the city and its citizens, with millions invested in public and private development over the past 25 years, resulting in a revitalization that inspires people to live, work and play in the urban core every day. Know as Delray Beach’s living room because of its community spirit and central location, people gather to enjoy the comfortable urban neighborhood setting that only downtown provides. For those who reside in one of the distinctive apartments or homes, the downtown is not only their living room, but also their dining room, kitchen and backyard as well!

More than two decades ago, Delray Beach dramatically revitalized its downtown core. The 2002 Downtown Master Plan, led by the City of Delray Beach and the Community Redevelopment Agency guided millions of dollars in dozens of successful development projects. 

4th & 5th DELRAY
Between SE 5th & SE 4th Av
Between Veterans Park & NE 6th Ave
The Ray
NE Corner of NE 2nd Ave and NE 2nd St
Delray City Market
33 SE 3rd Ave
Lisa Building Retail
44 SE 5th Avenue
Sundy Village
27 S Swinton Ave
324 Lofts
324 NE 3rd Ave
246 NE 6th Ave
246 NE 6th Ave
166 SE 2nd Avenue
166 SE 2nd Avenue
325 NE 3rd Avenue
325 NE 3rd Avenue
Buddha Sky Bar
217 E Atlantic Ave 
PHG Hotel
 200 NE 5th Avenue 

The Ray North
233 NE 2nd Avenue
Silver Ball Museum
19 NE 3rd Avenue
Delray Beach (Coming Soon)
Delray Beach Market
Delray Beach (Coming Soon)
Delray Beach (Coming Soon)
Opal Grand Oceanfront Resort & Spa
Delray Beach (Coming Soon)