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CONNECT DDA Behind the Scenes

The DDA Is Here For You                                                      Downtown Market Study

We encourage you to be our partner and communicate your thoughts             The DDA hired Robert Gibbs of Gibbs Planning Group to conduct
and ideas:                                                                   a Downtown Market Study and provide a Shopability Study for the
• Attend Board Meetings on the 2nd Monday of each month at 12                Downtown District. The study is intended to allow the DDA, City, and
                                                                             Downtown merchants and businesses to gain an understanding of the
     p.m. at City Hall, 1st floor conference room                            types of retail businesses that are likely to be supportable in the study
• Agendas are posted online prior to meetings                                area which is the entire DDA district, both presently and during the next
• Call: 561.243.1077                                                         five years.
• Email:
• Participate in DDA program & marketing opportunities                       The Downtown Delray Beach Retail Market Study was presented by Mr.
• Update your merchant landing page at                                       Gibbs at the December 11, 2017 City Commission Meeting. The report
                                                                             included a written and illustrated summary of relevant population and                                                 demographic characteristics of the Downtown trade area, including the
                                                                             socioeconomic characteristics and buying patterns; and a qualitative
DDA Announces New Board Members                                              opinion as to whether or not retail development is supportable, sales
                                                                             forecasts, and size estimates of the retail categories. The study is available
The Delray Beach Downtown Development Authority(DDA) has two new             at
board members appointed by the City Commission. Mavis Benson and
John Conde will serve three-year terms. They join current board members      The Downtown Delray Beach Shopability Study will be completed in
Peter Arts, Chair; Alan Costilo, Vice Chair; and Bonnie Beer, Treasurer.     February 2018 and be provided to the DDA and presented to the City
Mavis Benson will serve as Secretary. Mark Denkler and Frank Frione          Commission.
have been re-appointed as Board members. The DDA was created by
resolution as a dependent district of the City of Delray Beach in 1971 by
the Florida State Legislature.

Guide to Downtown Delray Beach

The DDA produces the “Guide to Downtown Delray Beach” each year.
The 2018 edition includes an overview of downtown, a fold-out map,
and listing for Things to Do, Accommodations, Shopping, Restaurants &
Bars, Art & Culture and much more. 40,000 copies of the directory are
distributed throughout the State and Downtown. The DDA would like to
thank the Guide’s advertisers for supporting this marketing initiative. The
Guidebook is also available online at

DDA Annual Report 2016/2017                                                  Coming soon to the Beachside!

The Annual Report is complimentary and will be available in March            Pedestrian Beach Promenade – S. Ocean Blvd
at the DDA office, 85 SE 4th Avenue, Suite 108 or via download at            The City of Delray Beach, as part of the Beach Master Plan, is putting                                                     the finishing touches on the Beach Promenade renovation. The project
                                                                             includes: replacement of the concrete sidewalk; new landscaping, metal
                                                                             roofs for the gazebos, flag-pole pavers, trash receptacles, fountains,
                                                                             showers, bike racks, and benches; stairways at the main pavilion, and
                                                                             Smart meters. Join us for the Ribbon Cutting on January 27, 2018.

                                                                             Visitor Information Center – 2 S. Ocean Blvd
                                                                             A complete renovation has transformed the Center for visitors and
                                                                             residents alike. The space has tripled in size and features merchant
                                                                             brochure racks, digital signage, a large map and historical display. The
                                                                             DDA manages the Center which is staffed by volunteers.

The DDA stimulates, enhances, and sustains                    Laura Simon, Executive Director
the economic vitality of Downtown Delray          #DowntownDelray    
Beach and the quality of life enjoyed by
locals and visitors.                                                            Claudia Amore, Marketing Manager

                                                                                    Lauren Lyall, Operations Manager

                           Delray Beach Downtown Development Authority
85 SE 4th Avenue, Suite 108 • Delray Beach, FL 33483 • 561.243.1077 • FAX 561.243.1079
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