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Goal 4: Organization – “Connect”
Ensure that resources are available to implement the DDA’s enhancement strategies.

Strategy 4.1
Cultivate and maintain exemplary governance and internal operating functions.

4.1.a Board orientation and ongoing professional development
4.1.b Ongoing professional development for staff
4.1.c Incorporation of supplemental services as warranted15
4.1.d Ongoing formalized internal evaluations
4.1.e Executive transition plan
4.1.f Board member recruitment program

Strategy 4.2
Actively engage with alliance partners and constituents.

4.2.a East-west operating alliances
4.2.b Outreach and networking with downtown residential population
4.2.c Outreach and networking with alliance partners16
4.2.d Development of standards and practices for public policy
4.2.e Sharing financial resources with alliance partners
4.2.f City-wide visioning and strategic planning17

Strategy 4.3
Expand the availability of resources.

4.3.a Resource development planning
4.3.b Development of sub-district – e.g., neighborhood – organizations
4.3.c Support organizations
4.3.d Project/program-specific funding

Strategy 4.4
Empower Team Delray with capability and capacity.