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Downtown Works for Me

Read what some of our residents and business professionals have to say about living and working in Downtown Delray Beach.

Stayed open two hours longer than planned and had very good sales due to flow of visitors from Art & Jazz. Loved the music and asked when the next one was happening.
Pamella Queiroga
One Door North @ The Ray Plaza
Beautiful event last night, December 22, for Art and Jazz on the Avenue. We never knew Pineapple Grove went so far north and found new places to explore. Loved that the street was closed to traffic, great tropical band near the entrance and beautiful lighting. All in all, a 10+.
Lois Pathman
Boca Raton Resident
“Fashion Week is absolutely incredible. It’s a great experience. It’s a great opportunity as a merchant in Delray Beach to showcase what we offer, both fashion and hair as well as makeup, and it’s a great platform to do that with other like-minded creative individuals in Downtown Delray Beach.”
Glavidia Alexis
Owner, Glavidia Hair Studio
I'm grateful to have chosen to open Brule Bistro in Downtown Delray Beach 15+ years ago. I sensed that our city was unique and would offer opportunities for small business ideas. We weren't sure how to market ourselves until we met the DDA team. Not only do you support small and large businesses, you carefully review what is best for our city. The art, food, decor, and growth all reflect the DDA team who are diverse and creative. Congratulations to you all! I'm so proud and honored to be part of this city and I appreciate the help and development from you all over the years! I'm amazed at how easily accessible and available you all are to meetings, challenges, up and coming events, emergencies and every day concerns. I'm a small business owner and I have no partners. Along with my amazing staff, I consider you all partners in my restaurants! In closing I want to express to you all how important you are to my businesses and our village by the sea! No one is successful on there own. It takes a village!!!
Suzanne Perrotto
Chef/Owner of Brule Bistro & Rose's Daughter
Over the Bridge Cafe is honored to be part of Art & Jazz Festival because it’s a true demonstration of the special feeling this city gives you. Live music, talented vendors, and some incredible food and beverage creates a unique experience you can’t find anywhere else. The exposure we receive as a small business is beyond valuable. Hundreds of people get to see who we are and what we can do. Luckily, during the evening, most people knew who we were and had nothing but incredible things to say about us. It gives us a chance to talk to the people one on one and really push our business. We enjoy every event we participate in with the DDA and are proud to be a well-known brand in this awesome city!
Dan Newman
Owner of Over the Bridge Café
Delray Beach is one of the top 5 downtown shopping districts in the US. It is filled with an exciting collection of restaurants, specialty shops and hotels all clustered around beautiful, walkable streets and squares. Delray has the rare X-Factor desired out my many millennials, young families, empty nesters and tourists.
Robert Gibbs
President, Gibbs Planning Group
Art & Jazz on the Avenue in December was a wonderful experience for our members and the public participation was terrific. The Jazz musicians selected by the DDA were incredible. It was like turning the streets and sidewalks of downtown Delray into the upper west side of NYC and enjoying the Blue Note or Cotton Club in the city streets. The fine acoustic Jazz guitar echoed the Rippingtons and the cool saxophone sounds seduced with the mood of Kenny G. A great celebration and looking forward to the next one!”
Ron Rizzi
President Delray Art League