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Mural in The Set                                                             Pineapple Grove Arts District Streetscape
                                                                             Delray Beach Fashion Week
     The DDA

        The Delray Beach Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was
        created by resolution as a dependent district of the City of Delray
        Beach in 1971 by the Florida State Legislature. The main areas
        of involvement in Downtown redevelopment include: Marketing
        and Promotion of the Downtown Development Authority district,
        Place Making (Clean & Safe) and Economic Vitality of the
        Downtown community.


        The DDA Mission is to stimulate, enhance and sustain the
        economic vitality of Downtown Delray Beach and the quality of
        life enjoyed by locals and visitors.
        Appointed Board Members – FY 16/17 Term
        –– Ryan Boylston, Chair
        –– Frank Frione, Vice Chair
        –– Albert Richwagen, Secretary
        –– Bonnie Beer, Treasurer
        –– Peter Arts, Member
        –– Dr. Alan Costilo, Member
        –– Mark Denkler, Member

        –– Laura Simon, Executive Director
        –– Alexandra Farnsworth, Program Marketing Manager
        –– Lauren Lyall, Operations Manager

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