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ECONOMIC VITALITY                                              GROW

Create a supportive business environment and harness local economic opportunity.

Downtown Development                                               Development, Redevelopment, & Construction

Under Construction                                                 •	 Communicate information regarding public and private
                                                                       construction projects impacting the Downtown businesses,
4th & 5th Delray | 25 SE 4th Ave —                 residents and visitors.
•	 Mixed–use development currently under construction
•	 World class iPic Theatres complex, Class A office space,        •	 FEC railroad closings in advance of the Brightline Passenger
                                                                       Train project: Communicate closures of tracks throughout the
    retail shops, and 326–space parking garage.                        Downtown in high traffic locations.
•	 Developer: iPic and Samuels & Associates
•	 Builder: Butters Construction                                   •	 Collaborated with partners on the continued development of
                                                                       both the SOFA and The Set districts, and upcoming private
236 Fifth Avenue Delray Beach | 236 SE 5th Ave                         development projects including: 111 First Delray, 4th & 5th
•	 Mixed–use development currently under construction                  Delray, and Aloft Hotel and 236 Fifth Avenue.
•	 Four–story building with condo residences, 122–room Aloft
                                                                   •	 The DDA Board is a recommending body for public and
    Hotel and street level boutique retail space. Condominiums         private construction, development, and redevelopment
    will share hotel amenities: covered parking, club room, pool,      projects presented to the City’s Planning & Zoning department.
    gym, hotel services and concierge.
•	 Developer/Owner: Samar Hospitality                              Under Renovation
•	 Builder: Kaufman Lynn Construction
•	 Architect: Slattery & Associates Architects                     Visitor Information Center | 2 S. Ocean Blvd
•	 Interior Designer: ID & Design International                    The Delray Beach Visitor Information Center, managed by
                                                                   the DDA, is celebrating its 12th anniversary with a complete
Pedestrian Beach Promenade Phase I | S. Ocean Blvd                 renovation. Staffed by dedicated volunteers providing
The City of Delray Beach, as part of the Beach Master Plan,        exceptional customer service and hospitality, the Center is a
embarked on the first phase of the Beach Promenade renovation.     resource for hundreds of visitors a day to our city, with more
The project includes: replacement of the concrete sidewalk; new    than 15,000 in 2016. During the renovation a satellite Visitor
landscaping, metal roofs for the gazebos, flag–pole pavers,        Information Center was located at the Sandoway Discovery
trash receptacles, fountains, showers, bike racks, and benches;    Center. The Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce is also a
stairways at the main pavilion, and Smart meters.                  location for visitors to find information and brochures.

                                                                   The DDA is spearheading this renovation project in partnership
                                                                   with the City of Delray Beach. Local architect, Roy Simon (Roy M.
                                                                   Simon, A.I.A, Architect), Maura Taft (Maura Taft & Associates),
                                                                   and Curtis Meade Construction have generously donated their
                                                                   time, talent & services toward this project. Funding contributions
                                                                   are welcome, and all donors will be recognized in the Center.

4th & 5th Delray                                                   Visitor Information Center

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