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Data Resource                                                        FACTS               New

The DDA is a key resource for City of Delray Beach staff,                    Retail/Art & Culture             13
partners and community leaders in the planning of future                               Restaurant                   14
programs. Potential property and business owners interested
in investing or relocating in the Downtown District, real estate                   Entertainment           3
brokers, neighborhood organizations, transportation planners,               Health and Wellness
developers, and business development organizations all                      Professional Service                   5
contacted the DDA for data on Downtown Delray Beach.
                                                                                 Relocation                    3
Database Management
                                                                                              Retail            2
All businesses and property owners in the Downtown District                            Restaurant                    2
complete a Business Information Form. Data acquired includes                       Entertainment
business category, hours of operation, job tracking, square feet,           Health and Wellness            1
and employee transportation.
                                                                     Renovation/Expansion                           3
Marketing Surveys
                                                                                                   Retail     5
Conducted post–event surveys for Marketing Programs.                                        Restaurant
Customers and businesses participated in online surveys                                 Entertainment                  1
responding to questions about their experiences. A giveaway                      Health and Wellness           1
was included in the Delray Orchid Giveaway in honor of                           Professional Service
Mother’s Day survey to generate additional response.                                                                 1

Pedestrian Study                                                                                                        3

Collecting seasonal pedestrian traffic information over time         Under Construction
provides a sense of the unique traffic patterns at each location.
The Pedestrian Survey is conducted every two years.                  4th & 5th Delray
                                                                     Mixed-Use: IPIC theatre, retail, office, parking garage – US1/
Safety Study                                                         SOFA

A Perception of Safety survey was conducted for the Downtown         236 Fifth Avenue and Aloft Hotel
Security Ambassador Pilot Progam.                                    Mixed Use: Condominiums, hotel, retail – SOFA

                      RESULTS                                        111 First Delray
                                                                     Mixed Use: Condominiums, retail, office – SOFA
82% 89% 90%
                                                                     Arts Warehouse
Security Ambassadors   Great Program and         Program should      Mixed-Use – Pineapple Grove
 provid an enhanced   of this 59% believe it    continue full time
                                              throughout the entire  Delray Shores Pharmacy and Soda Fountain
   feeling of safety    should continue                              Retail – US1
      Downtown                                      Downtown
                                                                     Visitor Information Center
  Hurricane Management                                               Entertainment – Beachside

  The City of Delray Beach was impacted during Hurricane             Greenlines
  Irma which made landfall on September 10, 2017. The DDA            Retail – The Ave
  team took a strong role in coordinating with the City and
  communicating with the Downtown Businesses pre, during and         Sales
  post weather event.
                                                                     111 First Delray
6 Annual Report | 2016–2017                                          Residential Condominiums – SOFA


                                                                     SofA One
                                                                     Residential Apartments – SOFA

                                                                     Residential Apartments – SOFA

                                                                     Under New Ownership

                                                                     The Grove (formerly Esplanade Plaza)
                                                                     Menin Development – Pineapple Grove

                                                                     Tauriello & Company is now Douglas Elliman & Associates
                                                                     Real Estate – Beachside
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