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Dr. Tony Willcox graduated with 'Academic Excellence' from the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine and has trained in Shanghai, China in 3 hospitals. Extensively increasing his skill and knowledge in the field of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

With over 12 years experience in Acupuncture and 7 of those as the 'Official Acupuncturist' with the NHL Florida Panthers Medical Team.

Having also, private instruction with a Legend in Acupuncture Dr. Shi Xue Min who was given the title of Chinese Treasure by the Chinese Government and was the Doctor in the DVD "9000 Needles".

Dr. Tony Willcox studied Mandarin Chinese language to enhance his understanding of the herbal medicine formulas and has been Nationally Double Board Certified in Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Being on various medical teams of Elite Athletes with the NHL and UFC, Dr. Tony has a plethora of knowledge and treatment equipment to give you the best available in modern acupuncture today. Using K-Laser and THOR Laser along with traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture in a healing, relaxed clinical setting provides for a optimal opportunity for patient and practitioner to get optimal results to enhance your health and well being.

Dr. Tony Willcox is currently completing his PhD. in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine and completing a double Doctorate.
Tony Willcox
900 E. Atlantic Avenue #11
Delray Beach, FL 33483

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cupuncture Zen is back, open and operational. Dr. Tony Willcox just got back from Hefei, China after a 3 year process of earning a PhD. in Acupuncture. Already being in the top 1% of those educated with acupuncture credentials in the USA by having a clinical doctorate with a D.A.O.M., that wasn't enough... At 53 years young, he has now received a PhD. in Acupuncture from the Anhui University of Chinese Medicine in Hefei, Anhui, China. Taking his education qualifications to be in the 1/4 of 1% in this field of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Professor Yang Jun, the most famous of Acupuncture Doctors in the province of Anhui (62 million People) was Dr. Tony's mentor. Tony Willcox was the first non-asian to graduate from this University with this acupuncture qualification in it's 60 year history. Come and experience the skills and knowledge of this ancient medicine. or call 561-NEEDLES (561-633-3537) to make an appointment.

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Sponge Bob gets Acupuncture!

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GIFT CARD time at Acupuncture Zen The Gift of Wellness. Available through this Saturday Dec 22nd

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Acupuncture Zen in Delray Beach happy to have MLB Professional Danny Valencia on the "Wall of Fame" #OaklandAthletics #DannyValencia #Acupuncture #MLB #NeedleYou

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Training at Johns Hopkins University Maryland at the Advanced Seminar in Auricular Acupuncture (Ear Acupuncture) from the son of one of the Founders, Raphael Nogier & Paul Nogier respectively. #AlwaysLearning #JohnsHopkins #AuricularTherapy a quick way to decrease pain and increase wellness. visit

Photos from Acupuncture Zen's post shared a photo Come get that ounce of prevention at Acupuncture Zen.

An ounce of prevention | Dr. Tony Willcox D.O.M., A.P. | 561-274-4447 | shared a link Treating Lyme disease with Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.

Lyme Disease Treatment with Acupuncture | 561-274-4447 | Acupuncture Zen shared a link Check this mini blog and see how patients on the other side of the world are using acupuncture.

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Getting the PhD. In Acupuncture in the books. Hefei, China Many a learning experience here. #NeverDoneLearning #TakeItToTheTop #Acupuncture #ChineseMedicine

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Acupuncture Zen is conducting a clinical study in conjunction with the Schmidt College of Medicine at FAU. If you know someone who has been diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), is between 60-85 years old and is available for clinical testing (at FAU) and acupuncture intervention 2 x per week for 8 weeks starting in September at Acupuncture Zen in Delray. Please message me for more information.

Vladimir Denisov - Getting his Needles on at Acupuncture Zen in Delray Beach, Florida. Vladimir is a Belarusian NAtion Team Member and currently plays for Dinamo Minsk in the KHL European Hockey League

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