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Contemplating dramatic work changes can feel overwhelming when your personal life is in flux already. But many people actually find they thrive professionally over the long term after a divorce or separation.

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Here's how to come away with your finances intact after you go your separate ways.

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A cohabitation agreement can spell out how you will share responsibilities during the time you are living together and help you in the event that you eventually decide to separate. #FamilyLaw

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The best defense when facing the financial concerns of a divorce is knowledge.

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You have the right to visit your child on the dates and times specified in your court-ordered visitation schedule. If the other parent interferes with your visitation rights, you can ask the court to intervene. An experienced attorney can help ensure your visitation rights are enforced.

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When your divorce is over, you might be inclined to discard the related paperwork. But there are key documents you should retain, like the final judgement of divorce (also known as a divorce decree), any appraisals of your assets, and any divorce-related financial paperwork. If you're not sure what to keep, be sure to consult with your attorney.

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If you are among those pursuing divorce, here are some financial mistakes to avoid.

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Balancing family dynamics when going through a divorce is never easy. New laws have added an additional layer of complexity.

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Money-related issues are frequently cited as a reason for divorce. They include mismatched financial priorities, unexpected major expenses, and discovering a partner's secret spending.

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While there are many changes when separating from your spouse, managing the finances for your shared children can be particularly intimidating. However, there are steps you can take to minimize the financial stress.

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Here are some of the ways a parents’ divorce can affect the student’s college financial aid application process.

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If you keep your finances separate during your marriage, don’t assume they’ll stay separate if you divorce.

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