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A self-taught mixed media artist, Michelle came to the US at the age of 19 to face an unfamiliar environment and culture. Although technically inclined, she pursued art in her senior year at the University and found that this was an avenue to help her function and navigate the challenges of this new and exciting world.

Michelle’s work not only reflects her effervescent colorful culture, but her zest for life and adventure. Each piece tells a story and transcends culture, sexual orientation and gender as it relates to life’s experiences.

Since relocating to the South Florida area in 2018, her work has evolved in both form and depth. This evolution directly correlates to her exposure to the creative world that she fully embraced and maturity in her technique. Her work has transformed from 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional in appearance, with an undeniable emotionally provocative effect.

Each piece of artwork is inspired by experiences at various stages in her adventures and reflects her strength, maturity and growth.

Although whimsical in nature, Michelle’s work usually carries an underlying message.

Visit my studio at 101 SE 2nd Ave, Delray Beach, FL, 33444
at Arts Warehouse, 313 NE 3rd St Studio #9, Delray Beach, FL, 33444

Michelle Drummond
101 SE 2nd Ave
Delray Beach, FL 33444
Hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday
10am to 5pm

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