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A Better Tomorrow.
Our Vision
Finding space for peace!
Quantum Med is not a place between four walls, but rather a space at the center of you. A place where you can absorb all that happens in your day and restore your natural state of equilibrium. It is at the Center – somewhere between our hearts and our minds – that we find a sense of peace, clarity and purpose.
Somewhere between land and sea, we meet at the beach and at your location.
It is a place of serenity where we can come together to focus on ourselves. We come together, so that we can each find a better sense of self. Through meditation sessions, workshops and seminars, we hope to provide you with the tools to slow down, find quietude and recenter. Our meditation sessions are focused on breath; the epicenter of our well being.

111 NE 2nd Ave
Delray Beach 33444

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