Quintessential European Style Heart & Soul Felt Flower Shop! Located in the Pineapple Grove Arts District of beautiful Delray Beach Florida. Delray Beach's Florist.
Joseph Roehm
257 N.E. 2nd Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33444
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From Roehm with Love, closing up the shop. Hurricane Irma......not sure when we'll be able to reopen. It takes an act of God to force our doors to close, this since 1997. My Husband and I pray that God's white healing light surround you and protect you and all whom you love. Always remember that no matter the circumstances you find yourself in you are never alone, never forsaken. Sending you love and light, Joseph and Billy

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Jane, you're awesome!

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It continually Humbles me to be allowed to receive the hearts of those responding to our florals! Blessings to all......

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To our beautiful Community, From Roehm With love's annual Halloween window display has been lovingly installed! ! Our gift to all of you for the love you share and support us with, we pray that you feel our sense of embrace as we attempt to snapshot a memory of the child in each and every one of you. The photo's attached here give hints of the fabulous fun to be enjoyed when viewing the whole vignette, best seen at night, but enjoyable during the day for sure! ! Xoxoxo everyone! !!

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The "From Roehm With love" fresh Flower display cooler meticulously designed by our youngest apprentice Troy Knight with the help of his assistant Ryan Martin. ....... Please visit & feel for yourself the impact of Heartfelt Soulful designing. .... I remain humbled, Joseph Roehm

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Ahhhhhhh, our collection of flowers at From Roehm With love , each flower individually standing ready to become a part of the process that allows us to translate the message of one's heart into a floral designed arrangement. This is our prayer. ... to effect & move the hearts of all those who call upon so doing we show honor to Spirit. The gathering of these particular colors and textures and shapes as well as scent that have been captured in my photo are but only a hint at what awaits our Mothers florals for her special day, now only twelve days away! ! Xoxoxo everyone! !

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Good Evening Loved ones !! Well, after two days of Heartfelt designing , Husband and I are excited to offer to our community, The From Roehm With Love Family, our Holiday gift - The fantasy winter & Christmas display story. From Santa to Hummingbirds, the story of Love & magic unfolds in our windows. So lose yourselves as your eyes glide into our gift to you & take you to your Souls inner child . ...... Wishing for everyone - "May every breath you take bring a blessing". ....... Happy Holidays, our Love to all!:)) Xoxoxo Joseph & Billy

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