I was born to be a Chiropractor, but didn’t know that until my early thirties. I always knew I wanted to get into “health care”, but didn’t know what that meant. So, I went to New York University, and received my RN in Nursing. After working in several New York City Hospitals, I realized I was in the sickness care profession, not the LIFE giving health care profession. When Chiropractic found me and I embarked on this journey, my whole life changed. As a principled, family Chiropractor, I correct Subluxations, vertebra out of alignment, blocking the life force from the brain to the body, creating dis-ease, thus a lowered state of health. By removing this interference, the body has the opportunity to be healed from the inside/out, and restore LIFE. I have now been practicing in downtown Delray Beach for 10 years, committed to serving families from birth to the elderly. When not in the office, I speak nationally at Chiropractic seminars, to students at different schools, am very involved in my community, and enjoy a great game of tennis. I have a daughter, in college now, who has been adjusted since birth, and has never had a pill, a shot, and is healthy and vital, and of course beautiful, inside and out.
245 S.E. 5th Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33483