Three influences that drive design are the client’s program, budget and the site. By listening to our clients we ensure
they get a design that works for them. We believe that a great design can be achieved within any budget. Of these
three influences it is the site/location/space that is most important. Each site/space/location speaks differently. The
goal is to create a design that once completed feels that it belongs, as if it was always there. This philosophy results in
projects where no two designs are alike. Our role is to create Architecture that provides high-design, affordability,
customization and energy efficiency. We strive for simplicity, clarity and timelessness in our work. In the end, if we are
able to create transcendent spaces that uplift the human spirit then we have made a difference.
Jeffrey Silberstein
524 N.E. 2nd Street
Delray Beach, FL 33483