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Through the years, we have assembled a talented and deeply experienced team of analysts, editors and researchers who understand that the best investment and wealth-protection opportunities in any market are often hidden. And our approach has led to a great degree of success.

Our independent, uncompromised research has predicted some of the biggest financial catastrophes in recent memory. We were one of the very first financial research firms to warn investors about the dangers in the derivatives market and the threat they posed to the global financial system. We also alerted our readers about the dollars crisis of 2004-2005, the meltdown in the private-equity markets in 2007, the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, and we’ve been sounding the alarm bells about the European debt crisis since early 2010, long before the mainstream media started paying attention.

In an age when our personal and economic freedoms are being curtailed like never before, our work has never been more important, and our voice never more indispensable. That’s why we remain steadfast in our mission of scouring the globe for investment opportunities that can only be unearthed by our exhaustive, “boots-on-the-ground” approach.

With a daunting economic era ahead of us, our purpose is providing our subscribers with the unvarnished truth in an industry filled with artifice and obfuscation. We realize that a world of investment opportunity exists in stocks, commodities, currencies and asset protection that are often overlooked. Our mission is to bring them to you each day.
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On Wednesday, the Dow dropped 800 points on an inverted yield curve sell-off. For the past three decades, the Federal Reserve has rescued the markets. One important tool shows us the probable path of interest rates for the future…

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The market shows a 100% probability that the Federal Reserve will cut rates again this year. That means it’s a great time to look for cheap stocks with a high amount of insider buying. One stock in particular offers a quick 20% gain if you buy into it now!

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In 2009, most builders had slowed or stopped construction. But young families still wanted new homes. So did empty-nest boomers. A housing market rebound was in the cards, one way or another. Reflecting on that lesson gave Jeff Yastine the ultimate contrarian idea in the Trump tariff war era…

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Low interest rates mean your bond portfolio is losing money. There is a special type of asset that benefits from low interest rates. If you pick the right ones, it’s a safe way to achieve high yields plus price appreciation…

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Right now, unemployment and inflation are at multi-decade lows. So are interest rates. Economic theory says there’s no need to cut rates. But the Federal Reserve did something unusual last month…

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The Total Wealth Symposium is Banyan Hill’s premier event of the year. It’s a one of a kind, Florida investing summit. We’re assembling the best minds in finance at the Omni from September 12 to 14 to help you navigate these markets. Don’t miss out!

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Ted Bauman is about to double down on his investment in this particular asset. That’s because our political leaders are steering us onto the rocks of a potential market meltdown. And when you see rocks looming up ahead, the smart thing to do is put on a life preserver.

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As competitors’ products start to flood the market, say goodbye to Beyond Meat’s $BYND 28% profit margins. And say hello to massive amounts of debt, and many more secondary offerings, as the company meets the threat from its competition…

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As Goldman Sachs notes about millennials and housing: “The cohort’s sheer size, plus its desire to settle down in the future, could lead to a surge in home sales.” The same is true for stocks…

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Before you know it, you won’t remember what life was like when you had to sit in traffic on the way to work. That’s because the most important commodity needed to operate an autonomous car is growing exponentially:

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There’s one type of energy that has been struggling as of late. Natural gas price has been cut in half in less than a year. And we know exactly why this is happening: Energy companies are producing more of it. That means benefits might be coming to some industries:

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Declining earnings threaten to squeeze the dividends of many U.S. companies. The Federal Reserve is poised to cut interest rates this week. That will put downward pressure on bond yields. That means there’s going to be a flood of money moving out of dividend stocks and bonds and into REITs.

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