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The Delray Beach Downtown Development Authority, with the support of the City of Delray Beach, has managed and operated the Visitor Information Center located at the Sarah Gleason Park site at the corner of A1A and E. Atlantic Avenue since 2005.  The purpose for the center is to provide visitors and residents maps, brochures and information about Downtown Delray Beach. The center is open 7 days a week, staffed by local volunteers. It is noted that visitors that receive information spend an average of $2,000 per stay, and the Center currently sees over 18,000 visitors annually.

In April of 2016, the Discover the Palm Beaches, the county’s tourism bureau, approached the DDA to share the importance of Visitor Information Centers and encouraged the DDA to enhance the facility. 

Discover the Palm Beaches (DTPB) Concept:

Establish a street level, easily accessible and highly visible Visitor Information Center (VIC) facility for the City of Delray Beach catering to drive market and pedestrian traffic, while raising awareness of tourism assets and accommodations in the local community.


  • As the largest county in Florida with millions of visitors and significant volume of drive traffic, there is a need to create a cost effective network of Visitor Information facilities in partnership with county, cities and private institutions
  • A VIC enhances the visitor experience, promotes overnight stays and increases tourism and economic impact to the area (Visit Florida reports that individuals who stop at their Welcome Centers, stay on an average of one extra day)
  • The lack of a central Visitor Information Center (VIC) was highlighted as a destination challenge in the PBC Community Brand Assessment report
  • The A1A Visitor Information Center is located in the downtown district of Delray Beach at the intersection of Atlantic Ave. and A1A and the beach area is the crown jewel of the City and currently undergoing master plan improvements

The DDA Board of Directors along with City Staff support, voted to invest into the enhancements and improvements to this very important facility.

Project Scope of Services

The Delray Beach Downtown Development Authority is partnering with the City of Delray Beach on the renovation of the building interior and minor exterior changes.  The project is in collaboration with the City of Delray Beach as they own the property and the DDA manages the center.  The center is located at 2 S Ocean Blvd., Delray Beach, FL.   The architectural plans have been completed by Roy Simon, AIA. Contractor services are being requested to oversee the project, perform certain required services and the city services that have been secured directly by the city. 

Scope of Work:

The Successful Proposer will provide labor, supervision, equipment, parts and supplies as outlined in the Outline of Services for the Visitor Information Center located at 2 S. Ocean Blvd. in Delray Beach. The contractor will oversee all services need not only the ones provided by the Contractor.   Attached are the architectural plans that includes the project description and the outlined the services that will be provided by or covered by the City and the services covered by the DDA. 

Click here to view the list of services being requested to handle by the Contractor and the services being handled by the City of Delray Beach.

A proposal of costs and services is requested to be sent to the DDA by March 31, 2017. 

Send proposal to the DDA office by email to