City of Delray Beach
March 30, 2015
Overview: The City of Delray Beach advises that the area generally called SOFA (South of Atlantic) will be undergoing dramatic construction projects for the next several years. The area covers approximately 10 acres from the east side of SE 1st Avenue to the west side of 5th Avenue; north from the alley south of Atlantic Ave to the north side of SE 2nd Street.
These projects are funded and managed for the most part by private developers. In an effort to communicate the ongoing progress to the area stakeholders, as well as the various developers, the City has organized a Coordinating Team, represented by all of these developers and their construction partners, to work together on the many facets of these projects.
Subjects that will be covered are the road closures, the general Maintenance of Traffic (MOT),the impact on surrounding businesses and the Federal Highway Construction project already underway.
1) April 1 - April 14:

There will be a 14-day road closure beginning Wednesday, April 1 through Tuesday, April 14th for work related to the Uptown Delray Project. The road closure area will be along westbound only on 2nd Street from SE 5th Avenue to the alley between SE 4th and SE 3rd Avenues. This closure will be in place for daytime only for installation of 6" gate valve and bell restraints.
2) April 2 April 24:
There will be a 22-day road closure beginning Thursday, April 2 through Friday, April 24 for work related to the Uptown Delray Project. The road closure will be for westbound 2nd Street at SE 4th Avenue to relocate a 6" water main.
3) 3-Way Stop being Added - Monday, April 6th:
Be advised that the City has issued a safety notice that the intersection of SE 1st Street and SE 4th Avenue will be converted from the current 2-way Stop to a 3-way Stop intersection (north, south and east).
SE 3rd Avenue between SE 1st and SE 2nd Streets will be closed to vehicular traffic on Sunday, December 14, 2014 to accommodate the assembly of a large crane. This closure will be for 6 months - through June 14, 2015.
Information will be provided in upcoming press releases and posted on the City's website, under Event Street Closures and Roadway Projects.

The City appreciates the public's cooperation and patience during the construction period.
For additional information, please contact Isaac Kovner, P.E., City Engineer, City of Delray Beach, at (561) 243-7341 or E-mail