Delray Beach’s history is rooted in a strong black community that has helped build and shape our village to be what it is today. As we continue to grow and learn, we understand that we have an inherent duty to dismantle systemic racism and create powerful change amongst our entire community. We want to show our support for the black-owned businesses within the Downtown Delray Beach district by highlighting them, in hopes that this small act will result in amplifying their voices and give them the recognition they deserve in society. As thousands of people take to the streets to protest around the world, we are committed to change and vow to listen. 
Below is a working list of black-owned businesses in Downtown Delray that we hope you will support in some way. If we are missing a business in the Downtown Delray Beach district, let us know in the comments!
Support Black-owned businesses in the Downtown Delray Beach District:
Art and Cultural Centers
Barber & Beauty Salon
Professional and Essential Services
SOD Unlimited
Corner Office - coming soon!