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Welcome to the Downtown Delray Beach Emergency 411 page!

We have created this page for both Downtown Business and Property owners as it relates to Emergency related issues such as hurricanes or storm related emergencies.  The Downtown Development Authority works in partnership with the local city government and othe important agencies to ensure important information is communicated timely and assist in preparing all for issues which impact the Downtown. The health and safety of our visitors and locals are of the utmost importance to our Downtown. 


June 1st marks the beginning of annual Hurricane Season. It is critical for all to be prepared for when the storm turns toward Florida.  Have a plan, create the hurricane kit and have the shutters or plywood ready.  The DDA has provided several links to help you as a business owner, property owner and resident be better prepared as the storm approaches, hits and for the recovery efforts.  

IMPORTANT: Sign up for Code Red - this alert notification service is powered by the City of Delray Beach Emergency Management Team who will notify all of very important information impacting the community. Items such as weather emergencies, flood advisory, and recovery efforts.  

Downtown Business and Property Owners:

As a business or property owner in Downtown, it is important to ensure your property is prepared for the storm. Take time to locate all hurricane shutters, secure papers, and checkin with your neighbors. The DDA urges all to provide an emergency contact to the DDA by adding it within the website listing on on this website or emailing the Downtown Development Autority Directly at and include in the Subject line: Emergency Contact information.  As a liason with the city, we will be able to notify you of issues that may specifically impact your property.  

The goal is to keep all safe and weather the storm well and most of all, be able to open up as the storm passes, safely and we prepared to recover as best as possible.  This can only happen by all working together and taking care of each other.  

City of Delray Beach Emergancy Management Page



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