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Mission Statement

DDA Holistic Story

Vision & Mission Statement

The Delray Beach Downtown Development Authority is a model of credibility, professionalism and productivity generating valued outcomes.

The DDA stimulates, enhances, and sustains the economic vitality of downtown Delray Beach and the quality of life enjoyed by locals and visitors.

Core Values

  • Enhancements to quality of life lead to incomparable levels of livability.
  • Economic Vitality is a requisite to quality of life.
  • Community must be enhanced and maintained as a healthy, compelling place.
  • Preservation of cultural heritage is essential to community pride.
  • Awareness of the DDA’s role serves to ensure its ongoing contributions.

Goal 1: Economic Vitality – “Grow”
Create a supportive business environment and harness local economic opportunity.

Strategy 1.1
Formalize an ongoing process of data collection and access.

1.1.a Downtown economic market study
1.1.b Downtown customer demographics and lifestyle factors
1.1.c Inventory of existing uses
1.1.d Inventory of available properties
1.1.e Ongoing constituent and customer surveys
1.1.f Outreach and information networking

Strategy 1.2
Foster a program of business recruitment, strengthening and retention.

1.2.a Downtown planning activities
1.2.b Collaboration with business enhancement organizations, services
1.2.c Delivery of resources12 to district constituents.
1.2.d Downtown resource and information guides
1.2.e Communications (progress, vitality, happenings, etc.); interaction
1.2.f User-friendly experiences and advocacy with the public sector
1.2.g Financial assistance and resources

Strategy 1.3
Cultivate economic specialties that set the downtown apart.

1.3.a Know the locals—all the locals
1.3.b Advancement of “locals’ zones”
1.3.c Fostering the creative culture in all its innovative forms
1.3.d Public outdoor art features and activities

Strategy 1.4
Advocate for technological advancements in the downtown.

1.4.a Tech-related leadership and team recruitment
1.4.b Technology infrastructure research and plan development
1.4.c Resource development
1.4.d Hardware procurement and maintenance
1.4.e Physical infrastructure

Goal 2: Placemaking – “Sustain”
Foster a compelling destination by enhancing the physical elements of the

Strategy 2.1
Structure an appropriate role in downtown transportation management.13
2.1.a Public awareness activities (parking; events; special activities; tips,
2.1.b Employee parking program
2.1.c Internal training, capacity considerations, resource requirements
2.1.d Public parking regulation and management
2.1.e Multi-modal transportation alternatives
2.1.f Downtown navigation enhancements

Strategy 2.2
Maintain a clean, safe and welcoming environment

2.2.a Maintenance responsibilities—what, how, and who
2.2.b Ambassador Public Safety programs
2.2.c Special seasonal and holiday considerations
2.2.d Hospitality Zone and nighttime management activities
2.2.e Environment; conservation; recycling
2.2.f Green space; rooftop gardens, plazas; urban agriculture

Strategy 2.3
Keep the downtown “people friendly”.

2.3.a Public comfort areas and projects
2.3.b Pedestrian circulation and safety
2.3.c Public access to technology and communications
2.3.d Dealing with homeless and “recovering” communities
2.3.e Outdoor illumination
2.3.f Visual messaging and district definition components

Goal 3: Position Marketing – “Live It Up”
Create a positive image that highlights the downtown’s unique assets.

Strategy 3.1
Increase the collective sales revenues in the downtown district.

3.1.a Events focused on retail sales generation14
3.1.b DDA-to-business marketing; digital/cyber marketing
3.1.c Showcasing downtown authenticity and experience
3.1.d Collaborative “cluster” marketing
3.1.e New residents’ incentives and value-added features
3.1.f Merchandising, marketing, and sales training for businesses

Strategy 3.2
Position the downtown with the broader Delray Beach population.

3.2.a DBMC collaborations
3.2.b Targeted outreach activities
3.2.c Top of Mind messaging to “the rest of” the city (south, west)
3.2.d Sponsored FAM tours and events
3.2.e Transportation and access enhancements

Strategy 3.3
Continually strive to achieve perfect communications

3.3.a Updates and strategic distribution of guides and publications.
3.3.b Media relations
3.3.c Branding activities and communications
3.3.d Interactions, collaboration and engagement with alliance
3.3.e Visitor information
3.3.f Advocacy of alliance partner initiatives and issues

Strategy 3.4
Employ the use of media alternatives efficiently and effectively.

3.4.a Knowing the customers and what influences their choices
3.4.b Measuring the effectiveness of media alternatives
3.4.c More and better use of video
3.4.d Staying on top of technology

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