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                                                                                LIVE IT UP

A Day at the Beach

THANK YOU to our DDA Team and Board, and downtown merchants,                       “Delray Beach is one of the top five downtown
businesses, property owners, and residents for your tremendous support              shopping districts in the US. It is filled with an
and engagement throughout the past year. Our merchants are driven and           exciting collection of restaurants, specialty shops and
unique and with a team effort, we have all worked together to generate direct   hotels all clustered around beautiful, walkable streets
economic impact for our downtown.                                               and squares. Delray has the rare X-Factor desired by
                                                                                many millennials, young families, empty nesters and
A few highlights:
•	 We kicked off the year with an aggressive marketing and promotional                                     tourists.”
                                                                                              Robert J. Gibbs, AICP, ASLA
     campaign to combat the loss of merchant revenue before, during and                    President, Gibbs Planning Group
     after Hurricane Irma.
•	 The Board advocated for the return of the Safety Ambassador Program to           Appointed Board Members - FY 17/18 Team
     downtown and committed the DDA to fully fund this program.                                   Peter Arts, Chairperson
•	 Construction cranes continued to dot the skyline throughout downtown.
     Development projects – from retail and office to hotels, condominiums                 Dr. Alan Costilo, Vice Chairperson
     and a movie theater – will add to the economic vitality of our community.                   Mavis Benson, Secretary
•	 The DDA commissioned a Downtown Delray Beach Downtown Retail
     Market Study and a Downtown Shopability Analysis by the renowned               Bonnie Beer, Treasurer through June 30, 2018
     Gibbs Planning Group. The research was completed and presented                Mark Denkler, Treasurer beginning July 1, 2018
     in February to the City Commission and in March at the Town Hall
     Meeting. Since then, the City, the                                                          Dr. John Conde, Member
     DDA and downtown merchants                                                                  Pamela Ramsey, Member
     have worked together to
     implement many of the short-term                                                                         Staff
     recommendations for downtown                                                           Laura Simon – Executive Director
     from the report.                                                                     Lauren Lyall – Operations Manager
                                                                                       Richalyn Miller – Marketing Coordinator
The DDA Board and Staff cannot do                                                           Kellie Ames – Program Manager
their jobs without the property and                                               BJ Sklar – Visitor Information Center Coordinator
business owners as part of our team –
we are only as successful as you are!


Peter Arts  Laura Simon

Board Chair Executive Director

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