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ECONOMIC VITALITY                                              GROW

Create a supportive business environment and harness local economic opportunity.

Business Development                                                Business On-Boarding

The DDA district has seen significant changes during the last year  The DDA team has fine-tuned the Onboarding process for new
with new merchants and businesses, relocations, renovations         businesses as they are welcomed to downtown.
and expansions, as well as construction and development. This       Tactics include:
growth is instrumental to the downtown and to the community in      •	 Engage with new businesses and offer support and
general. It increased employment opportunities with over 675
new jobs added, enhanced our area for visitors and residents,            guidance as they navigate the process of opening in the
and contributed to our local economy.                                    City of Delray Beach.
The DDA has:                                                        •	 Capture data of the new business.
•	 Supported the opening, expansion or relocation of 48             •	 Provide new businesses with a Welcome Kit and
                                                                         a complimentary landing page on the website,
    businesses within the downtown district.                    , for marketing opportunities.
•	 Attended and coordinated meetings with downtown                  •	 Use digital resources such as e-blasts, digital forms and
                                                                         video tutorials for a seamless welcome to Downtown
    developers, property and business owners and potential               Delray Beach.
    new businesses looking for retail space and property for
    purchase, and provided key data and information regarding
    the vibrancy of downtown.


New or Relocated Businesses

       Retail/Art & Culture 17
                Restaurant 10

      Health and Wellness 6

         Under Construction 6
               Entertainment 3

        Professional Service 3

       Buildings Renovated 3

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