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         Foster a compelling destination by enhancing the physical elements of the downtown.

Clean & Safe Program Downtown

A program within the City of Delray Beach and funded by the CRA, the Clean & Safe
team works directly with the DDA since the designated location of this area focus falls
within the downtown district.

Goals are to ensure public safety, and to improve the quality of lighting, landscaping,
and cleanliness, as well as maintenance of streetscape furniture and amenities.

Beautification and maintenance of the downtown core has been the focus of this past      New Cigarette Buttlers Installed on
year:                                                                                    Atlantic Avenue
•	 The team worked collaboratively on initiatives including pressure spraying the

    sidewalks and public areas, landscape enhancements, parking lot striping, parking
    garage upkeep, and a cigarette butt clean-up program.
•	 Many of the Shopability Study short-term recommendations fell under the purview of
    the Clean & Safe team, and considerable action has been taken on implementation.

Downtown Shopability Study – Implementation

The DDA hired leading urban retail planning consultant Robert Gibbs of the Gibbs Planning Group in June 2017 to provide a
Shopability Study for the downtown district.

The City, the DDA and downtown merchants have worked together to implement the short-term recommendations from the study for
the downtown:

Completed                                                        In-Process
•	 Parking Meter program Phase 1 is completed. A                 •	 Wayfinding signage
                                                                 •	 Storefront potted plant beautification
     comprehensive parking management plan is recommended        •	 Sidewalk paver repair
     in the medium-term strategy.                                •	 Parklet program – pilot in September
•	 Parking Garages: cleaning, painting, re-striping, signage     •	 Signage ordinance changes
     and elevator repair
•	 Pressure spraying of the sidewalks in the public areas
•	 Tree trimming (follow-up maintenance is scheduled)
•	 Parking lot & street re-striping (continues to be addressed)
•	 Recommended 10-15 changes to the downtown Land
     Development Regulations

Downtown Safety Ambassador Program

The DDA conducted a Downtown Safety Ambassador Pilot
Program in conjunction with the City which concluded in June
2017. The program returned fully funded by the DDA on May
15, 2018 with enhancements including an increased footprint.
In bright yellow shirts, the Safety Ambassadors are on bike and
foot patrol from 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and
7 a.m. -11 p.m. Friday and Saturday. The Ambassadors are
visible between NW/SW 6th Ave east on Atlantic Avenue to
A1A and one block on either side of Atlantic Avenue, on NW
5th Ave and NE 2nd Ave. The Ambassadors are also utilized for
safe walks to the car, and assistance with nuisance issues.

                                                                 Downtown Safety Ambassadors

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