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The DDA Team Connects with these key

•	 International Downtown Association
•	 Florida Redevelopment Association
•	 Responsible Hospitality Institute (RHI)
•	 Discover the Palm Beaches
•	 Visit Florida
•	 DDA in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami,


DDA District FY 17/18                                            The DDA was recognized with a 2018 Flagler Award for outstanding
                                                                 achievement in Florida Tourism marketing by Visit Florida for the 2017
                                     Comprised of:               Delray Beach Fashion Week. Accepting the award at the Florida
                                                                 Governor’s Conference were BJ Sklar, Lauren Lyall, Laura Simon, Richalyn
                                                                 Miller, Kellie Ames.

Hotels 11

Businesses Geared Toward      23                                                                              60%                                 756
          “Fun for Everyone”                                                                                    RESTAURANTS,
                                                                                                                SHOPS,                          BUSINESSES/
Art Studios, Galleries & Venues 51                                                                              GALLERIES,      39%              RESIDENTS
                                                                                                                HOTELS, BEAUTY    PROFESSIONAL
Clothing & Specialty Shops 109                                                                                  & WELLNESS,       SERVICES        93%
                                                                                                                                                 ARE SMALL
Restaurants & Bars 127                                                                                                                          BUSINESSES

Health, Wellness & Beauty Spas 134

               *Downtown Delray Beach Retail Market Study, December 2017, Gibbs Planning Group                                  1% RESIDENTIAL
Note: The downtown district commercial vacancy rate is less than 3% compared to the national average of 10%.

Team Delray                                                                                                   Community Partners
                                                                                                              Collaboration ensues through
The DDA connects with these Delray Beach partner organizations:                                               programming, branding, GEAR and
City of Delray Beach                                Office of Economic Development                            •	 Old School Square
•	 Recommending body to the City for               •	 GEAR Program                                           •	 Spady Museum
                                                    •	 We “Heart” Small Biz Month                             •	 Delray Beach Historical Society
   public and private projects                      •	 New Business Welcome packet                            •	 Delray Beach Public Library
•	 Clean and Safe Partner
•	 Special Event Task Force                                  DDA                                              West Atlantic Redevelopment Coalition
•	 Comprehensive Plan consultant                                                                              •	 District liaison
•	 The Homeless Task Force                                                                                    •	 Financial and marketing support
•	 Planning & Zoning Department
                                                                                                              Pineapple Grove Arts District
   project review                                                                                            •	 District liaison
•	 Parking Management Board Member                                                                            •	 Financial and marketing support
•	 Traffic & Parking liaison                                                                                  •	 Advocate to merchants on behalf of
•	 Special Events Technical Advisory
                                                                                                                  PGAD Board
   Committee Member
•	 Team of Team Member                                                                                        Delray Beach Marketing Cooperative
                                                                                                              •	 100 ft Christmas Tree Event
Community Redevelopment Agency                      Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce                          •	 Frog Alley Caibbean Festival
•	 Planning and redevelopment                      •	 Delray Affair Promotions                               •	 Public Relations and Advertising
                                                    •	 Presentations to Leadership Delray,
   collaboration                                                                                                  Collaboration
•	 Clean and Safe Partner                              Economic Development, and
                                                       Government Affairs Committees

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