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DDA District Resources                                        Dr. John Conde, Member; Laura Simon, Executive Director;
                                                              Dr. Alan Costilo, Vice Chairperson; Robert Gibbs, Gibbs
Connection Newsletter: Produced three six-page newsletters    Planning Group; and Peter Arts, Chairperson at the Annual
with 1,000 printed and hand-delivered for each issue to       Town Hall Session for Property & Business Owners – “State of the
downtown residents and business owners.                       Downtown”- on Thursday, March 29, 2018.
Annual Report: Produced the DDA Annual Report for 2016-
2017 and provided complimentary copies to property and
business owners within the district as well as to community
Downtown Connection: Created and launched the Downtown
Connection e-newsletter which includes information on
everything happening in the downtown district. Two versions
are distributed bi-weekly. “Business to Business” is sent to
downtown businesses, property owners and partners, and
“Business to Consumer” to the general subscription database
which includes tourism leads.
Database Management: All businesses and property owners
in the downtown district complete a Business Information
Form. Data acquired includes business category, hours of
operation, job tracking, employee count, square feet, and
employee transportation.

Groundbreaking of Atlantic Crossing mixed-use development     Development/Redevelopment/Construction
in Spring 2018
                                                              •	 The DDA Board is a recommending body for public and
                                                                   private construction, development, and redevelopment
                                                                   projects presented to the City’s Planning & Zoning
                                                                   department. In this role, the board reviewed 24+
                                                                   projects from in-lieu parking to signage, ordinance and
                                                                   land-use changes.

                                                              •	 Communicated information regarding public and
                                                                   private construction projects impacting the downtown
                                                                   businesses, residents and visitors.

                                                              •	 Partnered with the Brightline Passenger Train team
                                                                   to inform and educate the downtown merchants
                                                                   and businesses regarding closures of tracks during
                                                                   construction, quiet zones being implemented, and
                                                                   frequency and speed of the new service.

                                                              •	 Collaborated with partners on the continued private
                                                                   development projects including: 111 First Delray, 4th
                                                                   & 5th Delray, Aloft Hotel and 236 Fifth Ave., Courtyard
                                                                   by Marriott and Atlantic Crossing.

                                                              Annual Report | 2017–2018                                         7
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