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Downtown Market Study & Shopability Study                           Downtown Merchant & Business Association

The DDA hired leading urban retail planning consultant Robert       A forum for the downtown businesses to collaborate on
Gibbs of the Gibbs Planning Group in June 2017 to conduct           programs, communicate amongst the organization and
a Downtown Market Study and provide a Shopability Study             community, and be a collective voice that advocates for
for the downtown district. The study was intended to allow the      activities that promote the retention and smart growth for the
DDA, City, and downtown merchants and businesses to gain            downtown business community. The DDA facilitated over
an understanding of the types of retail businesses that are likely  15 merchant meetings and two parking town hall sessions
to be maintainable in the study area which is the entire DDA        to capture feedback and gain participation in the programs.
district, both presently and during the next five years.
The Downtown Delray Beach Retail Market Study was presented         Business Marketing Programs
by Mr. Gibbs at the December 11, 2017 City Commission
Meeting. The report included a written and illustrated summary      Successfully implemented and executed marketing programs
of relevant population and demographic characteristics of the       focused on shopping, small business, art & culture, dining
downtown trade area – including socioeconomic characteristics       and holidays. All programs produced involved the merchants
and buying patterns; a qualitative opinion as to whether retail     and were created to drive traffic and revenue and promote
development is maintainable; sales forecasts; and size estimates    the downtown businesses. The programs included: First
of the retail categories. The Downtown Delray Beach Shopability     Friday Art Walk, Small Business Saturday, Downtown Goes
Study was completed in February 2018, provided to the DDA           Pink, Delray Beach Fashion Week, Savor the Avenue,
and presented to the City Commission.                               Downtown Delray Orchid Giveaway in honor of Mother’s
The DDA hosted the Annual Town Hall Session for Property            Day and Dine Out Downtown Delray Restaurant Week.
& Business Owners – “State of the Downtown”- on Thursday,
March 29, 2018. The Downtown Delray Beach Downtown                  Visitor Information Center
Retail Market Study and the Downtown Shopability Analysis
were presented, and highlights included:                            The Delray Beach Visitor Information Center located on
•	 The categories of retail/restaurants that are maintainable       the beachside at 2 S. Ocean Boulevard re-opened in
                                                                    March 2018 with triple the space and a whole new look
     within the downtown, as summarized by the Retail Market        following an extensive renovation. The DDA added a part-
     Study.                                                         time staff position to oversee the center and manage the
•	 Strong recommendations from the customers point of view          17 volunteers who work Monday through Sunday from 9
     regarding ways to enhance the downtown shopping                a.m. to 5 p.m. More than 10,000 visitors with a value of
     experience including first impressions, and how important      over $14 million in revenue spent in the community (based
     these are for a return visit.                                  on Discover the Palm Beaches formula of $1,400 per
•	 A Downtown Delray Beach walkability score of 92 out of           person), have enjoyed the new center. They have come
     100 - among the highest in the nation.                         from throughout the State of Florida and the United States,
•	 A review of all master plans, land development regulations,      and internationally including Canada, South and Central
     codes, parking regulations, and signage provided short,        America, Asia, India, the Middle East and Europe.
     medium and long-term recommendations to create the #1
     Downtown in the US.

The DDA, City and downtown merchants have worked
together to implement short-term recommendations from the
downtown Study. Please see the Placemaking section of this
report for a complete list. To view the complete reports, please

                                                                    Visitor Information Center ribbon cutting event
                                                                    on March 5, 2018

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