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The Pledge


We are excited to soon be able to open more of our businesses to customers and know that if we follow these guidelines, we will be more successful and reduce the risks of infection.  It is important for our community to trust that the necessary precautions are being followed by our business owners and non-profits. Without customers that feel safe enough to shop, dine and stay, it does not matter if our businesses are open. Consumer and employee safety is the number one priority for all and building the confidence and trust by pledging your commitment to the guidelines outline by the Governors Order, will be a huge step for Delray Beach.


If customers understand that businesses are following the recommended guidelines, they can make educated decisions about where they shop, dine or stay. We have developed the Downtown Delray Beach “Pledge to Be Safe & Be Delray” pledge program to ensure that the DDA District businesses are committed to ensuring the steps are in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Verification Checklist (Is your business following the below CDC guidelines?):

  • Wear a facial covering when around other people in public spaces
  • Make sure we create safe, 6-feet buffers between ourselves and others
  • Keep our place of business sanitized, according to CDC guidelines
  • Follow all regulations put forth by City/County/State ordinances

Why do we need this program? 

  • To build consumer and employee confidence!
  • Our small businesses and cultural centers are under incredible pressure to do the right and best thing. If we stand together, we provide cohesive action to keep our employees, residents, and visitors safe and build confidence and trust
  • If businesses follow the recommended guidelines, the goal is that we reopen completely and stay open
  • Many business owners want to follow along with what the majority of other business owners are doing, and this program allows us to share the positive message that Downtown is pledging to Be Safe

What does a business/cultural center have to do to take the pledge?

  • Step 1: Review and Complete the Pledge Guidelines and Verification Checklist above
  • Step 2: Complete the Application Form below
  • Step 3: Receive Certificate Signage vie e-mail, print, and post in your business for visitors to see
  • Step 4: Post photo socially of your certificate and tag the Downtown Development Authority (FB: @DelrayDDA, IG: @DowntownDelray)
  • There is no cost for DDA businesses or nonprofits to participate.